Welcome to Baystock!

Howdy Everyone,
Baystock 2015 is fast approaching.  36 years.  Amazing.  Work weekend is this weekend, August 22nd and 23rd.  If you can make it, there is alwaysn a lot to do.  And it is always a lot of fun.
Some of the things on the list are:
- Gather firewood - we cut down some dead treees last weekend so we need to haul the wood to the main fire.
- Weed wack and clear brush.
- Move benches and fire pit.
- We're building a staging area (green room) by the stage to make it easier for bands and equipment to come and go.
- Patch up the outhouses.
- Stain the new shower and haul the old one to the fire.
- Drink beer.
Thanks everyone for all you do.  Baystock is about music, but it's also about people.  Love to all,  Al